Friday, April 23, 2010

Beauty Eyelash Conditioner

Most women long for long natural eyelashes as they believe that having them as such would add more to their sex appeal. This longing is now made to come true because beauty experts have come up with good and effective methods to make eyelashes look long and thick as most women would want them to be.

The new trends in beauty enhancement products are the eyelash stimulating products which most women are interested to try out. One such is the eyelash conditioner which can give the appearance of long and thicker eyelashes of your eyes. This is recommended to be used before going to bed. The application of the eyelash conditioner as you sleep will give more time for the conditioner to work on the eyelashes to keep its roots more nourished which result to healthier and more vitalized lashes the next day.

There are many commercial eyelash conditioners available in most beauty stores. These are the eyelash conditioners from some well known brands that have good reviews as to their effectiveness. There have been results of longer, fuller and healthy eyelashes after 3-4 weeks of application and longer use has equally brought satisfaction to most users. However, there have been some reports of irritation and itchiness along the eye areas caused by some of these products. If pain, irritation and itchiness are experienced, some users were advised to use with caution and strictly follow the instructions on how to use the products. For the purposes of more information, these products contain certain chemical ingredients that may cause certain itchiness and irritation of the eyes.

You can also have a choice of eyelash conditioners made from natural products and with some formulas that don’t cause discomfort to the eyes. One such product is made from botanical extracts and seed extracts that make lashes fuller and longer within 6-8 weeks of continued use. The ingredients in these eyelash conditioners have nutrients that protect and further enhance growth of eyelashes. This product is known as LiLash Eyelash Conditioner and Stimulator.

Most beauty experts believe that the eyelash conditioner would be more effective if combined with a nourishing mascara to enhance growth of eyelashes. The nourishing mascara has healthy and natural ingredients like aloe, Vitamins E and B5 which help and strengthen growth of eyelashes.

Most beauty experts likewise believe that there are natural and good essential oils that would enhance growth of thick and longer lashes. The nightly application of Vaseline oil to the lashes has effective results. Vaseline oil also adds some shine to the lashes making them more defined resulting to a more polished look. Some other oils good for eyelashes are pure olive oil, castor oil and emu oil. These oils have been found to protect, nourish and improve eyelashes after prolonged use. Just remember to make use of a clean eye mascara brush when applying these oils to your eyelashes.

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