Sunday, August 29, 2010

Living Peacefully and Harmonic in Indonesian Villages

Hi, in this post I want to tell my trip to a village few days ago, sorry I forgot the name of the village, but it's somewhere on West Java. This village made me happy, because it gives me peace of heart and peace in mind.

In this post, I'd like to share some good photos and experiences while I was there.

The photo shown on your left is 3 boys playing soccer in the muddy grass after a hard rain. Those boys seems so happy and enjoyed playing and loving  soccer. Their hopes, someday they want to be a great soccer player.

Woke up in the morning, after dawn, is very pleasing. A clean air without any air pollution, create a relieved breath and mind become calm.

The cold and fresh air in the morning makes me want to take a walk around this village. Imperceptibly, footsteps walking up to a lake. Looks a fisherman looking for fish using nets.  Although only using rafts and nets, those fishermen seems so enjoyed his job.

Despite the cold, the fishermen are still undertaking their activities. With hope the fish can be netted, then the fish can be sold and some meals with the family.

I continue to pay attention to these fishermen, wondering in my mind, about how much fish can be nets?

After approximately 30 minutes of attention to these fishermen, I walked around this village, footsteps running, although I do not understand the direction in this village, I walked and walked with a full sense of happiness.

The footsteps stopped, I found a small river!. Wow, beautiful river, the water looks very clean.

I immediately headed for the small rocks on the riverside. Apparently the water here is so cold and refreshing.

I look around this river, oops, some people were bathing in this river. With their casual bath in this river, although in this river there are men and women bathing together. Initially, I was embarrassed to go take a bath in this river, but after tasting the fresh water during wash my face, I decided to take a bath in this river, and wow was bathing in the river is very pleasant.

Well, that's a little story of mine while my journey on a village few days ago. Living in a village is nice, I found peaceful and harmonic living. Do you want to know the experience? Just visit some village in Indonesia, you'll know that experience.

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8 komentar:

narti said...

jadi kangen suasana hujan2 main air, becek2....
picnya keren tuh...

Wanita Indonesia-IFS said...

@ mba narti : makasih yah dah komen di sini :f:
memang seger mba main becek2 dan mandi di kali

wah makasih di puji picsnya, masih belajar nih :c:

anak nelayan said...

gambar nya bagus sekali

Fanda said...

Aku suka foto yg no. 2, artistik banget. Tapi bagi kita yg biasa hidup di kota, hidup di desa mungkin enak untuk liburan. Tapi kalo disuruh pindah? mmm...pikir2 deh..

pearl set said...

Mantap banget ya gambarnya


Wanita Indonesia-IFS said...

duuuh makasih yah komen dan pujian fotonya :l:
padahal baru belajar foto2, sy sendiri gak nyangka hasilnya bisa bagus :c:

Pecinta Kuliner said...

Ih dah lama banget ya Pecinta Kuliner gak berkunjung ke sini...
Makin keren aja blognya.. in english lagi..

Wanita Indonesia-IFS said...

@ Pecinta Kuliner, welcome back :f:
rutin2 datang ke sini yah, ntar saling berkunjung

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