Saturday, September 04, 2010

Finally !!! Presenting

Dear all my friend, after offline for 2 days offline, without log in as administration on my blog, due to improvement on this blog for a better loading and the best improvement is now Wanita Indonesia-IFS has it's own domain. Yeah now this blog can be access on : htttp:// 
Wow, it's a wonderful moment in my life!.

At the first time, for me blogging is just an activity for fun, my first post was just a little information about cervical cancer, and wow, some friends commented on my post and on my Yahoo Messenger. With a great respond on my first post, made me blogging is not just for fun, but blogging gave me different feeling.

Maybe some of us asking what is IFS behind my blog name? Well IFS has more than one meanings. But on my blog IFS means Indonesia Female Society, maybe you'll not find those society on the net, but it just my dreams. Why IFS stand for? Well just like my tag line : For Healthy Life, Beauty, Society and Indonesia, I want to give more information to women, such as health, healthy life, beauty. And as Indonesian citizen, I just want to be a part of Indonesian tourism campaign. 

This is year is more than 1 year for me on blogging, so many happiness while I blogged, so many friends from all over the world come and visit my blog, Thank you my friends!!.

After having my own domain, the vision would not change, it's still For Healthy Life, Beauty, Society and Indonesia. The changes is maybe about content, it'll will be more informative, attractive, and easy reading. So, just wait for my new post.

Once again, thanks to all of my best friends. 

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2 komentar:

Dunia Wanita Indonesia said...

wah, selamat yah sis, maju terus pantang mundur

Son's said...

Mantap sist... lanjutkan ! :)

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