Saturday, September 04, 2010

Great Batik's Design from 4 International Designer

Indonesian batik, which some time ago has gained world recognition as a world cultural heritage, it attracted the attention of four international designers to create patterns using batik fashion trend. The four designers are: Monica Lim Kabo, Australia; Vikki Zhuang, China; Fen Ou, Singapore and Changsook Choi, Korea.

Using batik as a base material as a fashion trend by four designer is a form of appreciation for batik. Here is the work of the four designers are:

Australian designer, Monica Lim Kabo tried to design the form of batik with short dresses under the theme 'Melbourne May Burn'. This collection is the result of cooperation Alleira Batik and Monica for the second time.

Introducing batik to the international arena,  Alleira Batik invites Chinnese designers, Vikki Zhuang for desiging batik. She interprets with a light dress and colorful, and a piece of semi-formal.

There was also, from Singapore, designer Ou fen trying designing batik from Alleira Batik. Ou fen designing batik creations with the impressive style 'flowy'. Dominated by red and maroon color, the batik designs of silk chiffon on stage waving demonstration.

Changsook Choi is one of Korean designers are invited to cooperate by Alleira Batik for designing batik silk chiffon dress ready to wear. Choi designed batik by changing the batik cloth into an A-line dress or made into a blazer, coat, even han bok.

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4 komentar:

Fanda said...

We should be very proud that one of our heritage became world heritage too.

By the way, I love batik, even if it's only printed one.

Wanita Indonesia-IFS said...

@Fanda : yup, now Batik is one of world heritage, we should be proud of it.

Thank you for loving batik

Dunia Wanita Indonesia said...

Batik adalah warisan tradisi Indonesia
Bangga juga nih klo batik digunakan designer internasional sebagai inspirasinya

Siti Maesyaroh Manise said...

I am proud to find a blog that has a nationalist flavor. I love Indonesia is a great slogan. hopefully more and more generations of this nation who feel in love with all my heart to the earth this archipelago. Greetings - Wahono

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