Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tough & Chic by (X) S.M.L

In the eleventh year, entering a new decade, a pair of partners, designers and Benarthy Suhauli Biyan Wanaatmadja that build brand (X) SML decided to include young blood into their brand.

We are ready to embrace the new decade (welcoming a new decade) and is characterized by a spirit of youth, namely the appointment of Cessa Suhauli (23) as our new managing director. Generally, a brand must be dynamic and organic. Generations that came and went. We must be ready to embrace what customers need

Under the theme of 'Caravan', Biyan recalled, during the 11 years this brand stand up, be a separate trip for him. 'Caravan, is a vehicle for more people traveling together. This theme symbolizes a hold to a better location. This is a 'journey', 'light Cessa told reporters, who then added by Biyan,' This theme is a symbol of a journey undertaken by adventurous, difficult terrains, Enjoyment, also a problem, because in life, can not always go smoothly. But the need kebersamaan.Ini also a reference to the phenomenon of fashion and creative energy of today's consumers demand. "

It appears, which is implied from the greeting Biyan, brand (X) SML menginfuskan need fresh air for young blood into the fashion-clothing if you want to continue scrolling. In the collection that were served with the stage other than the usual, a collection of them look tough yet chic. The East Building 28th floor, in the Mega Kuningan area transformed into a kind of warrior training camp, which is equipped with a runway of burlap sacks filled with sand, places the wooden seat, military barracks, soldiers and camp-style decor that gives the impression of 'hard'.

Tough yet chic with runway-style in the streets in training camps the soldiers, the model models the dress. Dresses displayed is still very viscous force (X) SML intended for young fashion enthusiasts and modern.

Collection under the theme of 'Caravan' was, mentioned by Biyan, describing the people who nomadic spirit, the spirit of gypsy, bohemian, laid back, adventurous, and utilitarian (functional). 'Still a basic nature, can be mix and match. Because current customers already know and know better what they need for daily life. There are professionals who need clothes for formal, but there are also professionals working in a creative field and it took a semi-formal dress. So the formal dress itself has changed paradigm, 'which went on Biyan clear that the essence of the initial (X) SML still here.

From dresses shown, you will see a fashion that impressed 'tough' but still chic. Beautiful dresses worn on the models in the style of traveler, the clothing must be functional and are not bothered when moving. Many Jodhpur trousers, like the previous collections. There is also a chiffon blouses from France who refined and waved, then coats a modern cut, loose silhouettes typical (X) SML, including cardigans. There was also a loose dress-dress of fine material, with a beautiful piece and form the body. Some of the must-have items, such as vest, pants Jodhpur / harem, Cardigans, accentuated shoulder jackets, and cute tops, such as cowl neck and see through blouse here. 'Everything's done in (X) SML way,' closed Cessa summarizes a collection that was exhibited that night. Thus, although infused breath of the young, did not mean losing touch (X) SML unique and have their own fans that.

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