Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tips to Relax and Refresh This Summer

Get outside

Just 30 minutes in the sun can boost your mood, according to a University of Michigan study. So “go for a morning walk or a lunchtime stroll. It’ll lift your spirits way up naturally

Get on island time

By Kimberly Holland

Reclaim summer’s carefree spirit by adapting these three simple tips from life coach Victoria Moran, author of Living a Charmed Life.

When you’re not at work, consciously switch from busy-life mode to vacation mode—you know, the one where you’re not annoyed by a slow store clerk or frantic to get to the next thing on your schedule. “When you’re away, you look at everything in a completely different way,” Moran says. “You’re more relaxed and patient, and you enjoy everything more.

Add little bits of fun

You don’t have to make big trips to the beach to enjoy the summer. Each morning, think: “What can I do today that will make it an amazing day?” Moran suggests. Maybe it’s sipping lemonade on the patio before work or catching fireflies with your kids after dinner. Create your own personal list of simple pleasures, and work them into your day.

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