Sunday, October 17, 2010

'Lady Macaroon' by Benten in Hong Kong Fashion Week 2010

Feminine evening gown and waving a cloth is a major hallmark digawangi Benten Cecilia Yuda and Lisa Daryono. Third dress tonight participated in the demonstration of the Hong Kong Fashion Week, which took place early July 2010. Do you think this evening dresses interesting enough to be demonstrated on the international stage?
One detail that Benten tried to lift the peragaannya in Hong Kong Fashion Week is a ruffle. There are experiments ruffle in the middle of the body that makes it look 'Semi-couture', there is also at the bottom of the memorable 'wow'. What do you think their efforts to demonstrate their expertise in the international arena this?

Lady Macaroon theme is the theme raised Benten in their fashion show at Hong Kong Fashion Week this year. Macaroon taken from the type of small cake with the colors of the young. Like with the creation of a mini dress with different colors are offered?

Feminine image that carried Benten also frequently seen in detail drapes. This time Benten also use the drapes in short dresses. Do you think you would like to see or wear a mini dress with drapes like this?

So how do you think? Collection of very interesting huh?

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