Sunday, November 14, 2010

Give Me More Sex Please !!!

Secret masturbation stories, gay men living heterosexual lives and a cancer survivor who dabbles in group sex. Australians asked for more sex on TV and a new pay TV show, Secret Sex Lives of Australian Men and Women, has promised to answer the call.

The two-episode documentary, which will air on LifeStyle YOU from December 6, has been billed as a "provocative, emotional and at times unbelievable" exploration of the secret bedroom lives of everyday Australians.

"Real Australians invite us into their bedrooms for some pillow talk that will make the whitest sheets blush," producers say.

The LifeStyle Channel's general manager Nicole Sheffield says programmers are just responding to what research shows Australians want on TV.

"Time and time again our research showed us that Australians wanted to see more programs looking at sex. It's a normal part of adult life," Sheffield said.

"This was something we really wanted to produce for our viewers."

The program will reveal that twice as many Australian women use vibrators than the rest of the world and introduce viewers to a woman who calls masturbating her main pastime.

A man will confess to being consciously gay while being married to a woman for 28 years, while statistics reveal 20 per cent of gay men have been in de facto relationships with or married to women.

And with research showing 6 per cent of Australian adults have never had sex, viewers are introduced to a 39-year-old virgin who ponders how it passed him by.

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