Monday, November 08, 2010

Measuring the Weight of Your Blog

Hello all , in this post I will give tutorials in measuring the weight of your blog.

In making the blog of course we want our blog to appear as attractive, creative and complete as possible. But perhaps most of us are too eager in beautifying the blog, sometimes we get to forget something important, namely the issue of weight (size) and velocity (speed), how long will it take to open our blog especially if the open blog / websites we use Internet with a limited speed.

Although our blog is nice but if our blog has long time for loading when opening of the visitors were so reluctant to stop on our blog. We certainly have not you open a website / blog that long, for too long we end up not so open your web / blog. Well of course we do not want to be like it was not?, Our blog will be poor because of visitor long to load. 

Well below is a tool to measure how big the size (size) of blogs and how quickly loading ... To use the tool below, we just type the blog address on the text box. Then the results will immediately exit. Results shown are: Size, Load Time and Average Speed per KB. Noteworthy is the 'Size', because 'Load Time' and 'Average Speed per KB' results will always be changing. If the test results showed his blogging size of more than 100 KB, try to minimize it by reducing the knick-knacks that are less so useful as clock, calendar, etc.. With this tool you can also compare with the web / blog belongs to someone else. 

Good luck. 

Enter the web address / blog (maximum 10) (eg.

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