Saturday, December 25, 2010

5 Important Tests for Women's Health

Not a few illnesses who secretly undermined the body without ever causing symptoms. That's why a medical examination be performed, at least once a year. Especially if it pertained dilakoni lifestyle is not healthy.

Here are the types of tests needed for women's health.

Mammography When you include people who have a high risk of developing breast cancer (have a family history), it is advisable to perform mammography from the age of 40 years. In addition to mammogram, it is advisable to perform breast self examination every month to detect any abnormalities in the breast.

Thyroid Test Weight loss despite increased appetite, anxiety, sweating, swelling at the base of the neck, a symptom of hyperthyroidism disease. Women more likely than men suffer from this disease. Hyperthyroidism can result in serious if not treated. Complications include heart problems. This disease can be detected by blood tests.

Pap smear Starting from the age of 21 years, unless you've had sex before, every woman is recommended to do pap smear test to detect signs of cervical cancer.

Eye exam If you use glasses or contact lenses, visit the eye doctor for eye examination every year. Women are more prone to disorders of the eye, such as dry eye syndrome or autoimmune diseases that affect the health of the sense of sight.

A blood test after blood test basis to determine cholesterol levels at age 20 years, at least not repeat this test at the age of 40 years. Check your cholesterol and your blood sugar because of the risk of heart disease and diabetes increases with age.

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