Sunday, December 26, 2010

Women Need 5 Minutes to Orgasm

Through a scanning method (scan) Specifically, the experts at Rutgers University in the United States managed to uncover a secret that occurs in the female brain during orgasm.

One important finding is the extraordinary sexual stimulation can make her nervous system such as 'disabled'. These stimuli provide a broad impact on the area of women's brains, so they feel the pleasure.

According to the researchers, the moment of orgasm affects nearly 30 different areas in the brains of women, including areas that affect emotion, feeling, pleasure, satisfaction and retention.

In his study, the researchers asked eight volunteers woman to perform sexual stimulation in itself. The volunteers lie behind the blanket while undergoing magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI).

Most volunteers only takes less than five minutes to reach orgasm. Although some of the other takes 20 minutes. Meanwhile, MRI scanners continue to take brain images every two seconds. This is intended to find out where the active parts of the brain during orgasm.

Researchers found that two minutes before orgasm, the brain region that regulates 'reward' or award becomes active. This area is usually active when someone is eating or drinking.

Shortly before reaching the summit, other areas of the brain also affected such as sensors cortex, which receive messages 'touch' of other body parts. So it is with the thalamus, which convey signals to other body parts.

When he began to have an orgasm, other brain regions became active, such as brain areas that regulate emotions. Last area of the brain that are activated hypothalamus, which regulates temperature, hunger thirst and fatigue.

At the same time, other areas which are responsible for arranging pleasure also becomes active - the nucleus accumbens. So it is with the caudate nucleus, brain regions that govern memory, or memory.

'In women, orgasm cause a very large response to the brain and body,' said Barry Komisaruk, a researcher from Rutgers University.

'Some women raised her hand several times in each session for a few seconds. So, the proof is women tend to have an orgasm is longer and experience it several times in a short time in a row, "Komisaruk said.

He added that the woman's orgasm can last on average between 10 to 15 seconds, while the male orgasm is only about six seconds.

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