Sunday, December 26, 2010

5 Sex Myths You Need to Know

There are so many myths about sex are certainly debatable truth. One such myth says that men want sex more than women.

Whether the myth is true? How about the myth that sex should be satisfactory in bed, because if not then we can be sure your relationship is not good! Let's check the truth of the myths of the following sex!

Myth # 1. Men want sex more than women
Not really! Actually the reason that men tend to want sex more than women not only because of passion, but more of the factors why the women were more likely not too think about sex.

The women tend to do more household activities so that they become exhausted and not thinking about sex. Hormones in women also makes them think about sex at certain times in every month, not every day like a man! Keep in mind also, that women tend to feel emotionally attached when having sex than men. Of course she would not ask a man to have sex with him when the Adam was very annoying and not in accordance with the wishes of the woman! 

Myth #2. If you have a lot of sexual experience, surely you understand how to satisfy a partner.
Not really. Indeed, most people believe that someone who knows many things about sex and has experienced will be better than beginner. Well, technically does so. But a satisfying sex is not only related to the technique and the genitals, but also perceptions and working mechanism of the brain, and of course the definition of a satisfying sex for each person is different. 

Myth #3. Couples who are happy have a satisfying sex life in bed. If not, there's nothing wrong with your relationship.

No, this is not entirely correct. Sometimes, the happy couple does not always have a satisfying sexual life, red-hot and exciting every time! Perhaps it is true that happy couples have an exciting sex life, but not every time.

Your friend talk about his sex life is always beautiful and make it fly to the sky to-7? Hmmm ... could be, but is that correct? Is he telling the truth? Yes ... maybe he had a different understanding of a satisfying sex! It's all subjective really. 

Myth #4. Sex should be spontaneous, if not, there's nothing wrong with your relationship!

Do not believe this one! Take it easy, at this early stage may indeed be true that spontaneous spontaneous and usually culminate in an enjoyable sex. But after 18 months, the hormone that makes passionate burning will begin to calm, and not infrequently even at 9 months had decreased, and this does not mean you do not want each other.

But this means you should begin to remind yourself how much fun sex is so that you can still enjoy it without feeling routine. Moreover, once in a while sex is planned to look very interesting to try, you will feel impatient to wait for that moment! 

Myth #5. Women do not like pornography and talk 'dirty' when having sex.

Every woman is different. Not infrequently than they also like things that offer intimacy with a different portion with men of course. Call it a flower or an aromatherapy massage from the spa. There are women who like it, but some are not.

Everyone would agree that women are crazy shopping, but certainly not all such women. So it is with pornography. Based on a study, not all women claim to hate pornography.

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