Sunday, December 26, 2010

5 Ways to Generate Sensuality

Our sexual passion with your partner will usually increase when there are other conditions that help. Not just our expertise in fondle couples, a situation that surrounds us is also affected, such as the smells in the room or fabric materials used in bed.

Here are five exercises that deserve our attention if you want to evoke sensuality, according to Joel. D. Block in his book Secrets of Better Sex.

Sensory surprises. Take a turn to plan the sex session by emphasizing the sensory pleasure. If your spouse like the flowers, put her favorite flower in a pot. Or maybe we could spray water on his favorite flower bed and room. Add a few other things that can stimulate all five senses. 

Concentrate touch. Close all the senses. Concentrate on what you touch. Feel your partner's skin when touched her body. Note the changes, from one section to another. Do as well as variations of pressure to make an exciting touch of a stimulus.

Extend touch. Use materials that are not common to fuck you in the event, such as silk, leather, velvet, warm water, wine, ice, or perhaps honey. You can choose according to taste.

Game sound. Turn on soft music in the bedroom. You can select any music as an interest. Enter a few surprises in every conversation in bed.

Expand awareness. Every day, at least ten minutes, note the things around you. Try to pay attention to details. If necessary, change the conditions according to taste. Of course these things can be done when there is at home. If in a public place, just look in detail. This is to train our sensitivity to the environment, especially our spouses.

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