Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Borobudur Open for Tourist During New Year Holiday

Borobudur temple, which was covered by Merapi ashes several days ago, was ready for being visited by tourists in New Year holiday, the Head of Borobudur Heritage Conservation Association Marsis Sutopo said here Sunday.

"We have targeted that volcanic ashes and sand can have been cleared from the temple by mid-December. Therefore, in the New Year holiday, the guests can come to see Borobudur and step onto its 10th floor," he said.

As a result of Mount Merapi’s eruptions, the volcanic ashes and sand covered Borobudur temple with a thickness of 2.5 centimeters. The Borobudur Garden Tourism was closed during the ash rain due to the volcano’s eruptions from October to early November, he said.

Fortunately, tourists could again see the exotic temple from the yard although they were not not allowed to go upstairs because of the cleaning process. Sutopo said the ash removal had been completed 50 percent and would have been finished by mid December.

"After the process is finished, we are going to spray the temple with water to remove the remaining ashes," he said.

The workers who cleaned the temple consisted of the association’s members, local people and volunteers from the regions.

"We thank all the volunteers who have participated in the cleaning process," Sutopo said.

According to him, standard operational procedures need to be applied continuously. "To anticipate the volcanic ashes, we need to cover the temple and its floors with plastic," he said.

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