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Blonde Hair: Makeup Tips for Blondes

Do you know how to match your makeup to your hair color?

If you're a blonde, you'll want to pay extra attention to the shades you put on your face.

"Unlike brunettes and redheads, blondes don't have a deep hair color to frame their face," says celebrity stylist Brett Freedman. "That's why blondes transform so much with cosmetics. Your makeup should be very crisp to bring vividness to your face without overdoing it."

When choosing the perfect colors for your face, you need to know what kind of blonde you are. There is the solid, monochromatic platinum blonde (think Christina Aguilera); the golden blonde, which is similar to the platinum blonde but a touch more natural with lighter streaks for depth (like Blake Lively); and the sun-streaked blonde, which usually includes beachy, warm highlights (similar to Jennifer Aniston).

Once you know the tone of your hair, you can easily gauge your makeup palette.

Platinum blondes: Stay on the cool side. Lips and cheeks with a copper undertone are not your friend. Same goes for eye makeup. Choose ash-based taupes and silvers for neutrals. On the brows, be careful not to go too dark. You want to give your arches structure, but with such light hair, don't go too vivid. Blue-red and pink lipsticks balance your hair shade beautifully.

Golden blondes: Opt for pinks and peaches with a touch of gold for lips and cheeks. Darker mauves or purples are a good choice for eyes. You want to make sure you don't go too cool with your makeup during the day or it could give your hair a brassy cast.

Beach blondes: Bring a warm, sunny feel into your makeup with honey or caramel colors. Just avoid brick or terra-cotta shades because they are too lifeless for your tone. Another tip is to look for highlighters in champagne or golden hues, not pearl or pinky silver.

"If you have naturally olive skin or brown eyes, keep in mind you are going against nature to be blonde," says Freedman. "Your skin tone may not lend itself to a true blonde's makeup color palette." 
Jessica Simpson is an example of this -- she has a warm skin tone and brown eyes but favors a golden blonde hair color so she sticks to neutrals and pinks to bring balance to her look.

"As a rule of thumb, it's best to stay close to what you are born with unless you are doing something very dramatic or theatrical with your look," adds Freedman. "Blonde hair makes a huge statement on its own. You don't need to amp up the face too much. Especially bleach blondes. Keep your face palette soft to give your bottle do more realness."

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Why you go against nature with brown eyes and blonde hair ? I have natural loght blonde hair and my eyes are brown !

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