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Enjoying Sex It's like Eating

What's the difference between enjoying food and sex? Enjoying food can own, that sex alone is less enjoyable. The equation? Each of the three stages necessary to perfect, the appetizers, main course and dessert at dinner, or foreplay, intercourse, and afterplay during sex.

For some reason, people generally do not plan to eat a complete set of menus. Much older then-savory-salty snack that can sour the appetite, then eat the main meal full of nutrition, and end with sweet desserts. Perhaps the habit of eating to the point, directly to the main menu, it also illustrates how most people have sex: straight into sex relations! And, after that sleep soundly.

'Like a full dish set menu consisting of three stages, a satisfying sex can be achieved if includes three stages: foreplay, intercourse, and afterplay, "said Prof Dr Dr Wimpie Pangkahila, SpAnd, Professor and Chairman of the Center for the Study of Andrology and Seksologi Faculty Medicine, Udayana University, Bali.

Begin with foreplay Foreplay is like an appetizer or alias appetizers feed throat while eating is very important to arouse appetite. "Pain is the primary, but the appearance should be!" Said Rudy Choirudin, expert cook, about the presentation of appetizers.

Cleaning the body until fragrant, then come up with clothing that gives the impression section, it is important to do. "Do not forget to cast a compliment and express the words of tenderness to the couples," said Dra Zoya D Jusung, MPsi.

According to the Faculty of Psychology UI is steeped in sexology, when compared with intimate communication skills have sex until somersaults, it turns intimate communication was more important emotionally.

Of course after that to do physical touch, a caress, kiss, hug, and so forth, which increases the excitement for yourself or your partner. According to Prof. Wimpie, "No foreplay, penis erection may not be optimal, whereas in women lubrication does not occur." Without lubrication (wet vagina), painful sexual intercourse took place, like people being raped. Meanwhile, if the penis is not erect optimal, it is definitely a woman would be very disappointed.

Time to enjoy intercourse To be able to enjoy a satisfying sexual relationship, it takes a perfect penis erection. "The failure of orgasm in women, among others, due to lack of hardness of men's penises. The cause of the lack of a penis that violence among other diseases involving blood vessels, such as diabetes mellitus, "said Prof. Wimpie.

"Then to the main menu, in addition to vegetables and meat, there should be carbohydrate'll be able to 'kick'," said Rudy.

To find out if his erection really able to kick, he can conduct his own penile test using the score made by Pfizer following.

Is the penis enlarges, but not hard, like a tape? Or penis erection hard but not hard enough for penetration, such as boiled banana peel? Probably pretty hard to penetrate but not all that hard, like a sausage? The hope penis such as cucumbers, hard wholly and completely tense.

Various sex positions to try as long as you and your partner both feel comfortable and can enjoy. Men do not have the above. Men and women can take turns at the top, below, in front, behind, and so forth.

Finish off with afterplay If ejaculation has occurred, orgasm can be achieved equally, do not rush to turn over and snore. Suggestions Dra Zoya, use that time to talk with a partner, for example, reveal which part was very fun, happy time when you see a couple, and so forth.

This is important because sexual satisfaction is not just an orgasm. "In psychology, if only to do with that genital pleasure, if satisfaction is the emotional satisfaction," said Zoya Dra.

If Rudy said, "To cover there should be a sweet flavor, let the tongue satisfied and unforgettable."

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