Monday, January 24, 2011

How Alcohol Damages Bones?

The alcoholics in danger of health problems, one of them on the bone. Long-term research shows people who like drinking alcohol, especially since their teens at high risk of bone loss in old age.

When you consume alcohol excessively, about 2-3 ounces of alcohol each day, resulting in the stomach is unable to absorb calcium optimally. 'Alcohol is obstructing the pancreas and the absorption of calcium and vitamin D. Alcohol also affects the liver is very important to activate vitamin D, "says Primal Kaur, osteoporosis specialist doctors from Temple University Health System, Philadelphia, USA.

In addition, alcohol also affect the hormones that are essential for bone health. Various studies show that alcohol reduces estrogen trigger menstrual disorders. If the amount of estrogen is reduced, the process of bone formation to be slow so that bones become brittle. If this happens at the age of menopause, bone loss process becomes faster.

Kaur added that alcohol can kill osteoblasts, bone-forming cells. 'Lack of necessary nutrients the body due to alcohol addiction will also interfere with the nerves in the hands and feet. At the start of old age that his balance began to fail, it will increase the risk of falling so easily broken bones, 'he explained.

The good news, if you begin to stop drinking alcohol, the process of bone repair can run fast again. Research shows brittle bones can be repaired so addicted to alcohol cure.

source : WebMD

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