Monday, January 24, 2011

Passive Smokers Most Disadvantaged

Sitting close to the people who are smoking is very dangerous. Because the smoke is inhaled by passive smokers make an impact and health risks are much greater.

As observers expressed health concerns, Kartono Mohamad, passive smokers often inhale the cigarette smoke is not filtered. Cigarette smoke is from about 85 percent smoke in the room which is usually the next smoke (sidestream smoke) from the tip of a smoldering cigarette.

Passive smokers inhaled the smoke that is the deadly threat. This smoke contains 50 times the amount of cancer-causing chemicals inhaled active smokers.

'Passive smokers have a greater adverse impact than active smokers. Smoke that cigarette fast it works. Within 15 minutes directly into the DNA and a few seconds already affecting the brain works. Unfortunately, this happens to passive smoking, 'said analysts health problems, Kartono Mohamad, who was a speaker at the Public Kosultasi draft Regions Without Cigarettes, Jakarta, Monday (01/24/2011).

Former Chairman of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) was also presented, tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals. Many of them are poisonous and some are radioactive.

More than 40 are known to cause cancer. This chemical is mainly concentrated in the tar (lung irritant and causes cancer), nicotine (cause addiction) and carbon monoxide (the oxygen that the body kekurangam oxygen). Some of the chemicals damage the blood vessels and other causes of cancer.

'Cigarettes are addictive it is, people are addicted to cigarettes as addictive morphine, except that cigarettes are cheaper and easily available. The problem is that passive smokers are not sensitive to the people around him, "said Kartono.

Kartono also explained that the nicotine residue that stuck to the carpet or the wall is almost impossible in remove or clean. Carpets absorb nicotine vapor every day for years so can not be cleaned.

Children at risk This is the basic prohibition of smoking in the room. Smoking outdoors is better, although nicotine residue will remain embedded in the clothes and skin are exposed to cigarette smoke. If people are exposed to nicotine residue goes back into the room, residues that can spread. The most endangered of these are children.

World Bank study says, with current smoking patterns like this, 500 million people alive today will eventually be killed by tobacco use. More than half of whom today are children and adolescents. Until 2030, tobacco is expected to become the single biggest cause of death worldwide.

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