Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Style Transformation 'Sneakers'

Shoes made of rubber soles and uppers made of canvas, or popularly called sneakers, once only worn for sport. However, along with the development of fashion who also happens in the world of sports, models and more diverse functions of sneakers.

Many people are familiar with sneakers as sports shoes and casual style can light up to everyday wear sneakers even though in fact is one of the slang to describe athletic shoes. Other names are trainers, kicks, plimsolls, takkies, and keds. This last term is actually one of the brand sneakers from the United States that has existed since 1916. Apart from Keds, Converse who was born there in 1908, later famous for basketball footwear products Charles "Chuck" Taylor. The name was taken from the name of a basketball player who later became ambassador to promote Converse.

In its development, not only the top shoe made of canvas, but also of other materials, such as skin, which makes the sneakers look more classy.

However, long before the two brands from the United States it appears, an article in the New York Times of March 21, 2010 mention that shoes with rubber soles and uppers of canvas has been made since 1830 in England. At that time, its creator is a rubber manufacturer named Liverpool Rubber Company, which in its development, known as the Dunlop.

Along with the emergence of sports equipment manufacturer, also increased the variety of choices for consumers sneakers. Adidas, founded one German national, Adolf "Adi" Dassler, in 1924 has the Adidas Original that have a large collection of sneakers, in the sense of casual style shoes.

Original Adidas has a design that is more fashionable than the Adidas Performance prioritizing technologies for the benefit of exercise.

For those who like classical models, Adidas Original has a design inspired from the iconic old shoes Adidas in his day. Stan Smith sneakers, for example, inspired by tennis shoes are worn Smith, tennis player who debuted in the 1970's.

In addition, there is the Super Star that his inspiration comes from a basketball shoe. Unlike the current basketball shoes that cover the foot up to ankle, which inspired basketball shoe has a Super Star low top.

Inspiration There is also a Beckenbauer-inspired shoe soccer shoe ever worn a football star from the German. "Certainly there are changes made from the original, especially for soccer shoes. Changes made to the sole bottom and middle to make it more casual style. Such shoes have the appearance that inspired sport shoe, but have different functions, namely shoes for style, "said Brand communications manager for Adidas Indonesia Monica Ang.

Original Adidas also has products designed by fashion designers, among them the United States by the famous designer, Jeremy Scott. The touch of a designer to produce these sneakers shoes with unique designs, such as bots or other duly-style wings.

Monica said, now also attract Adidas David Beckham to join designing Original Adidas products. Beckham, who has been more focused on the Adidas Performance, votes can bring a trend that favored consumers, especially of young children.

The first lady used the diversity of models, colors, and materials to make shoes sneakers can be used for various activities and by anyone. Almost every manufacturer that makes sneakers have a model which is devoted to the children.

Creator is not only a manufacturer of sports equipment. Paris fashion house, Lanvin, has designed the sneakers to Michelle Obama at a charity event held in Washington DC, April 2009. As reported www.telegraph.co.uk, sneakers that used the United States first lady is made of suede which combines the gray for the part that covers the instep and metallic pink on the front.

Shoes costing 540 U.S. dollars are combined with capri pants and cardigan purchased from High Street, their favorite store.

Apart from suede, Lanvin was making a similar design in denim and satin and a favorite in the fashion lovers throughout the spring.

Sneakers with various style, simple or complex, white or colored, are already experiencing the transformation of the function at the beginning as a sports shoe. Now, people can wear sneakers for any purpose.

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