Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prevent Cancer with Grape Seed

So far, people familiar with wine as a delicious and healthful fruit. Did you know, eating grapes while its seeds are much more nutritious because the content of antioxidants that can reduce risk of skin cancer?

Some people would think twice if asked to eat grapes with seeds at once. It might seem strange because during the person intentionally discard seeds. In fact, while being engrossed in enjoying, would feel uncomfortable if there are seeds that get caught, and spontaneous melepehnya. No wonder, people are looking for fruit wine with little or no seed.

From now on, throw it reluctantly. The reason, various studies reveal, in addition to antioxidant-rich, the wine was developed as potential anticancer natural remedies, especially reducing skin cell abnormalities due to exposure to sunlight. That is, such as skin and flesh, the seeds were abundant grape efficacious compounds.

That's the conclusion of researchers from the University of Alabama, United States, against mice. In his research, a group of mice without hair is exposed to ultraviolet light (UV). Some were given additional food (extract) contain chemicals derived from the seeds of grapes (grape seed proanthocyanidins / GSPs), whereas other rats given regular diet without supplements.

Based on the observations and results of laboratory tests, mice given the extract additional GSPs enough to react positively and effectively inhibit the harmful effects of UV, which can trigger carcinogenic (cancer originator.) Tumors in the body of the mice were 78 percent smaller than those not given the grape seed extract.

Press the formation of estrogen in a presentation delivered Dr. Santosh K Katiyar in an annual conference of the American Chemical Society, mentioned that GSPs have antioxidant active. As is known, UV light can inhibit the immune system and these problems can be avoided thanks to GSPs.

He recommends regular consumption of GSPs extract as a daily supplement to enhance immune from attack of free radicals as well as reduce risks and avoid the dangers of skin cancer.

 Meanwhile, researchers Shiuan Chen PhD from the Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope explained that the grape juice (with seeds) effectively suppress the growth of cancer cells by preventing the synthesis of the hormone estrogen plays a major role in the development of breast cancer.

Through lab tests, fruit juices and grape seed proved able to stop the production of the hormone estrogen in cells. Recent research using mice that planted tumor cells showed a tumor the size of mice given 0.5 ml of grape juice for five weeks only a third of which are not given the grape juice. Research last year showed that extracts of red wine (not white wine) contains compounds similar to those in grape juice and can suppress the formation of estrogen.

Choose a dark color indeed In the country there has been no formal studies, perhaps because our country is not a big wine producer and consumer. However, empirically, recognized the benefits of grape seed and fruit for health.

It was as disclosed Pudji Rahayu, developer of medicinal plants in Depok, West Java. It has long been his use of grape seed as a mixture of juice for immune-enhancing herbs.

"Do not a lot, just five to ten grains grapes when used as a mixture of fruits or other herbs. We suggest choosing a dark colored, like purple and blue, because more seeds. This method allows for the ability to chew it began to decrease, especially the elderly, "he said.

Even so, it should be noted that the consumption of wine with the skins of fruits and seeds can create irritation in patients with gastric disorders. Therefore, if you include sensitive digestion, should not mengosumsi when the stomach is empty. Train your digestion with mengosumsinya in limited quantities while watching the reaction.

So, from now of course there's no reason to refuse to eat grapes with skins and seeds because they are more useful and efficacious.

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