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Vagina Size distention When Stimulated

The vagina is often referred to as the most intimate organ of the female body. But already intimated you with your reproduction of this? Either because you are embarrassed to reveal the strangeness that you find, or even not aware of specific capabilities of the vagina, finally 'facility' is just a mystery. So you do not wonder anymore, here are the facts that you might not know about this your female organs.

1. Able to clean up naturally is why you are advised to not wash the vagina with soap. "Vagina is limited by various glands that produce fluids required for melubrikasi while cleaning the vaginal area, 'said Lisa Stern, APRN, a nurse who works with Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles. "The majority of vaginal infection experienced by patients in my office are women who think they have done something good, to cleanse the vagina with soap and water, even water spray medicine."

Bath products, especially those containing chemical dyes or fragrance, can irritate the vagina and eliminates lubrication and flora (bacteria and fungi) are normal and natural, he said. When these beneficial compounds disappeared, anaerobic bacteria and fungi can reproduce, and this can cause symptoms such as itchy or smelly. Just wash the labia area with mild soap hell, fine, but do not let anyone get into the vagina.

2. The size is enlarged when stimulated by Lissa Rankin, MD, obstetrics and gynecology expert and author of What's Up Down There? Questions You'd Only Ask Your gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend, "the average length of vagina is 70-10 cm." It looks so small, and unable to 'catch' all the property the he.

But the workings of the vagina was not like that. 'The length could be doubled when stimulated,' said Dr. Rankin. Indeed, many women still feel pain during intercourse, if the partner's penis size is very large. For cases like this, he suggested the use of lubrication and start slowly. 'Ask the couple to have fun with foreplay. The more you feel aroused, the less pain caused during intercourse. "

3. Can wrinkles as well as your face, the vagina can be wrinkled with age. The labia may be not so plump as estrogen levels decline, the layer of fat in the labia shrinking, while the depletion of collagen can cause sagging labia, according to Dr. Rankin.

"The skin on the vulva may become darker or lighter, and the clitoris is also shrinking. But it is perfectly normal, 'he said. 'The changes that are often associated with declining estrogen levels, the baseball affect the enjoyment experienced by the vagina, really. "

4. Tampons can not be left inside the vagina you may have heard the story about the incoming tampon too far, and hard expelled from the vagina. It was just a myth. "Vagina is tied at the end of the inside of the cervix, and by vagian own network, 'said Stern. In other words, the vagina is not connected to other areas of your body. So, no need to worry there will be something that disappeared there.

"Sure, sometimes a tampon can go very far into the vagina, as if accidentally left behind during sex. If this occurs, the obstetrician can pick it up easily using a speculum and forceps, 'he said.

5. Ejaculated during orgasm According to Dr. Rankin, this happens to some women, and not unusual. How does the process happen?

 "There are glands in the vicinity of the urinary tract which may remove fluid, especially when the wall of the vagina (or G-spot) is stimulated, 'says Rankin.

 Beverly Whipple, PhD, RN, sexuality researcher and professor at Rutgers College of Nursing, describes this area as the female prostate. The form is a collection of glands, blood vessels, nerves, and elastic tissue, which when stimulated appear to produce a liquid in some women.

6. Loosens after giving birth vaginal muscles tend to relax after the birth of children, but you will not see a change in appearance. "As an obstetrician, I know if my patient a vaginal delivery or not (caesarean section, RED). I need a larger speculum to women who already had two children, than women who had never given birth. But from the outside, you can not see it unless it was torn vagina during childbirth. In this he may have a faint scar in the location of tear, or episiotomy. "Kegel exercises are the best way to improve the function of the vaginal muscles, which stretch and change after childbirth.

7. As with biceps, must often be trained Dr. Rankin confirmed that the vagina would be healthier if you have sex regularly. Sex is not only keeping the sensitive vaginal tissue remained healthy. Do not forget, the vagina is aimed as a means of reproduction, so you should increase the frequency of sexual intercourse. If you're too old not to have sex, vaginal walls can become brittle. When you enter menopause, the vaginal wall can be injured and close. However, sex is not the only solution. You can consult a doctor to find another method to keep the vagina healthy.

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