Monday, February 21, 2011

The Celebrities Rituals Secret Before Sleeping

From exercise before bed, bath, to ensure high-quality linen pillow. What beauty rituals before going to bed celebrities?

Kim Kardashian, Ashley Greene, Leighton Meester, and other global celebrities always look beautiful every time. Sure, they have a beautiful makeup artist to help them look beautiful every they want to go to an important event. But how about when they want to go peacefully? Rituals what they do to wake up beautiful? It is said that during sleep, our skin cells regenerate, and this is one of critical time to maintain the beauty.

Leighton Meester
Star Movies Star series Gossip is always ensures her a bath before going to bed, late whatever. 'No matter whatever last night, when I got home, I have to soak bath. That's how I relax myself. Light the candles, music, and more. That's my ritual every night, 'clearly Meester quoted by People.

Ashley Greene
Stars who played in the movie Twilight, admits she must have a aroma of lavender near his bed. According to him, the scent of lavender to help relax.

Taylor Swift
The beauty of this one always swore he'd never go to bed before deleting all the makeup. Lifting the makeup, apply moisturizer day and night, or whatever he could get. 'Sometimes, I even started the day with a night cream or moisturizer that is very, very nice and heavy,' obviously Swift.

Faith Hill
Flow of this renowned country singer says, the ritual before bed he does is to apply moisturizer to the stiff, ranging from head to toe, including the lips. In fact, he always provides hand lotions and lip balm extra on the side of his bed.

Molly Sims
'In my opinion, exercising makes you eliminate so much water weight, if you are ahead of big day the next day, try to sauna or exercise the night before,' says this beautiful actress.

Kim Kardashian
Kardashian Family often appear with full makeup everywhere they go. Once appeared without makeup, such as sports, their skin is not wrinkled. What's the secret? 'I think our family has a pillow of satin sheets. Looks like it's helped us so much care for facial skin from wrinkles, 'obviously Kim Kardashian.

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each people have own ritual before sleep. for me, just clean my face.

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