Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oral Sex Cause Cancer

Be careful with oral sex. Scientists in the United States say there is a strong link between oral sex activity and cancer. They are now trying to uncover why the human papillomavirus causes an increase in oral cancer cases in white men in the country.

The evidence about the relationship of oral cancer and oral sex has long actually disclosed to the researchers. The experts even find oral cancer due to infection of human papillomavirus (HPV) is now more prevalent than tobacco use. In the U.S., between the years 1974-2007 has been an increase in mouth cancer cases to 225 percent, the majority of the white men.

'When compared with those who received oral infection or not, the biggest risk factor is the number of couples oral sex activity. More and more number of partners, the higher the risk of cancer, "said Maura Gllison from Ohio State University.

Previous studies mentioned, someone who had oral sex with six or more partners in their lifetime had cancer risk 18 times higher than those of their partners less than six people.

One thing that remains a mystery is why the increase in cases of oral cancer is more commonly found in white men. It takes a long time to answer.
 However, experts believe the technology to detect HPV that have been used in the field of cervical cancer will help.

Currently there were 150 known different HPV types and 40 types of which can lead to sexually transmitted diseases. Some of them cause genital warts and the rest can increase the risk of oral cancer, anal, vagina, and penis.

source : AFP

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