Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Do not Hesitate Having Sex When Pregnant

No need to hesitate to enjoy sex when you're two entities. Scientific research shows, sex in pregnant women, including safe and poses no risk of miscarriage as those who feared all along.

If the pregnant mother is in good condition, sex can be performed normally. A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal stated, few medical conditions that prevent pregnant women enjoy sex. In fact, so far revealed little evidence that states imiah sex can cause premature birth.

'Absent having sex are recommendations that can be done with high-risk pregnant women to avoid the danger of premature labor,' the researchers said in a report.

In his research, a team of researchers from Mount Sinai Hospital and a team from the University of Toronto, looking for scientific evidence of dangerous condition of pregnancy if performed sex.

In women who have a history of miscarriage more than once or never gave birth to premature babies, it is recommended to absences sex can still be done, although there is no scientific evidence that states clearly benefit from the absence of this love.

Safe sex should still be a concern of pregnant women because of sexually transmitted diseases, such as infection of the uterus and reproductive organs can still occur during pregnancy.

The condition of another pregnancy is considered high risk placenta previa (placenta covering the birth canal). In this condition, the penis or sex toys (sex toys) worry about the placenta and cause bleeding.

Oral sex is also not recommended when pregnancy because of the risk of irritation, even a blood vessel blockage (embolism) which may endanger the health of mother and fetus. The risk occurs if the husband blew air into the vagina.

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