Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Flatform Shoes Will be a New Trend

Thick-soled shoes, or wedges, it became a favorite of women. Shoes with the right of this kind suitable subject for casual or semiformal event. The thick soles also make women could manipulate her height without feeling tortured.

In 2011, the wedges will still be popular. It's just the right model is no longer ramps, but tend to be more evenly. That is, front and rear soles average height. Therefore, this shoe is called the flatform. The trend is to accompany the model flatform flare pants (wide at the bottom) which will also replace the popular re-skinny models.

Colleen Sherin, fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue, admitted wearing flatform happy to attend such a fashion show of Fendi and Prada. 'Flatform appeared in nearly all the spring fashion show, so this model is the key trends for shoes,' he said. Department store also offers many models flatform. If you want peeked, please open Saks.com. Trends flatform mainly triggered by the silhouette-inspired style in the 1970s, and immediately popular among fans of fashion. The model is suitable shoes worn with the fit and flare pants, or jeans in the 1970s style that we like. 'Shoes flatform also look cute with midi skirt (skirt along the calf), and the dresses for spring. These shoes can complete the entire appearance, 'said Sherin Appearances can also be applied in every situation, whether it be dress up or dress down. Nothing wrong if you are so in love with this shoe model, because it's comfortable to wear. Traditional high heels make your legs that curve because of higher rights. Often this makes the legs hurt. Well, shoes flatform be a solution to add height but still feels comfortable.

'Most high right it became very extreme and may also be uncomfortable, so it was about time this flatform shoes appeared to replace it, "Sherin added. 'Also, this shoe also gives the illusion of a more level foot, especially if the shoes were covered with long pants. "

With that guarantee comfort, these shoes can also be worn from morning until night. Soles of shoes can be a major factor of how and when to wear it. Soles of wood or cork may be better used for the morning, while the leather or satin is more appropriate for evening.

If you would like to select this shoe, Sherin advised to try several models before, and try it out around the area of counter shoes to feel how their effect on your feet. Do make your posture remains stable, and not too heavy. 'Take the right model that is most comfortable, so you really do like it. Because if you manage to find the right, you can get much benefit from it, 'he added.

Source : Kompas

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