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Know Legionnella Bacteria

Legionella bacteria was composed of several different types. However, the type of bacteria that cause disease is a type of Legionella pneumophilla legionaire. Some Pontiac fever is also caused by the bacterium Legionella pneumophilla, but some are different causes although still including a large family of legionella bacteria.

Pontiac fever is a disease similar to legionaire. The disease is reported to occur in June 1978 in a city health department building Pontiac, Michigan, United States (U.S.). At that time, some employees there diseases caused by pollution from the air conditioner caused by Legionella bacteria building.

In the U.S. also found Pontiac fever due to bacterial contamination of water maneur, namely Legionella Anisa. Another Case of 371 workers who attacked the U.S. car assembly industry in 1984 caused by Legionella bacteria feelei. From Scotland Pontiac fever have been reported attacking 170 people due to Legionella micdadei bacteria.

Maintain cleanliness and endurance

Just so you know, a favorite place of bacteria that cause Legionnaire's disease breed is a place that holds water with warm and humid conditions. The ideal temperature for legionella bacteria to grow and reproduce, which is about 35 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius or 95 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature they can multiply rapidly.

Unlike when in water, these bacteria live in water-temperature cooler. 'The bacteria would wait for the chance of static water temperature rises,' said Ade Rusmiati, Lung Specialist Hospital Medika Permata Hijau, Jakarta.

The most vulnerable place Legionella bacteria are exposed to attack buildings that use cooling water circulation system and water heater. 'Legionella can thrive in places that contain water,' said Sardikin Giriputro, Specialist Doctors ParuPparu from RSPI Sulianti Saroso, Jakarta.

Typically, according to Sardikin, these sources are in the office buildings and hotels. That is why, a disease caused by legionella bacteria is often referred to as sick building syndrome.

Actually, to overcome these problems, many building managers and hotels are using the product antilegionella. This product is a kind of a fairly broad bersprektrum biocides effective in eradicating the bacteria Legionella.

However, Legionella bacteria can grow in places that contain water. For example, Legionella bacteria can live in sea water, fresh water, rivers, mud, lakes, hot springs, a pool of clean water, cooling towers, swimming pools, hot water systems, fountains, and cooling the engine room, aka air conditioner (AC) .

Therefore, the best solution to avoid the attack of bacteria that are diligent about cleaning up the environment. For example, frequently clean the AC. Because the Legionella bacteria can breed in one part of the AC, ie, engine blower. 'If you do not diligently cleaned, place it into a vehicle for growth and proliferation of bacteria, "said Ade.

Not only at home, office or hotel, you are being treated at the hospital also must be careful against these bacteria. Because, humidifire, one part of a ventilator for patients in hospitals, also can become breeding grounds for legionella bacteria.

Actually, according to Sardikin, legionella bacteria is difficult to infect people who have a healthy physical condition. In other words, their immune systems are not disturbed. Therefore, Sandikin suggest, to avoid the attack of this bacteria, you need to maintain the quality of healthcare. For example, you begin to leave the habit of smoking or consuming alcohol. Therefore, these bacteria attack anyone who is not a good body resistance.

'The attack this bacteria does not suddenly, but slowly until the patient eventually experienced acute shortness of breath,' said Sardikin.

In addition to maintaining physical fitness by abandoning bad habits before, diet must also be kept. When you drink or eat, make it a habit to consume water that has been cooked with enough temperature. 'Legionella bacteria will die at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius,' said Ade.

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