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Face Scrub from Tea Leaves

Tea can help cleanse and refresh the face. Easy and cheap!

Tea has many benefits and rewards. Not only could help reduce the buildup of substances that can cause disease in the body, like cholesterol, tea is also beneficial for beauty. Tea contains antioxidants the body needs to fight free radicals. These antioxidants can be derived from the leaves of freshly brewed tea. After drinking it implies, do not immediately discard the tea waste. Use the remaining leaves to cleanse your skin.

Rina Poerwadi, Hollistic Natural Practitioner said, the benefits of tea in our daily life very much, and habits of our society to be good enough to drink tea and be on the right track. However, according to Rina, unfortunately we have not quite realized the importance of enjoying the process of drinking the tea ritual. 'Mindfulness is still lacking. We need awareness when making tea for his usefulness really feels and affects the body (therapeutic benefit). Starting from making the tea itself, sip while still warm, and really enjoyed the tea is beneficial. It's useless if we make tea and drink tea in a hurry, let alone been brewed tea drunk old, his usefulness is gone, "said Rina.

One effect that is rarely used from the remaining leaf tea is tea that has been brewed. Rina said, the remaining leaves that have been brewed tea can help refresh the skin and lift dead skin. The trick: Before bed, strain the tea leaves that have finished brewing, remove the stems of tea leaves which can injure the skin. Save the tea leaves out room for condensed until the morning (make sure the safety of animals passing by.) Then use the tea leaves such as scrub (lifting dead skin) in the morning by way of rubbing in the face. Leaf tea can help lift the layer of dead skin cells, the remaining substances in tea can make the face seem rough and healthier. The cold outside air is mixed in tea is useful to refresh the skin. Scrub this can be done 3 times a week to refresh your face and make the skin healthy.

To minimize puffy eyes in the morning, Rina offers tips for storing tea bags that have been used in the refrigerator until cold. Then use the tea bag to compress the eye for a while. The cold can help shrink the dilated blood vessels cause eye bags.

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lina@home sweet home said...

I'm a tea drinker, especially the green tea. It has become my afternoon habit :)

I've never used tea leaves for face scrub; I'll try it...

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