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10 Mistakes That Make You Look Old

There are trivial things that can unwittingly make us look older than actual age. Anything?

Without realizing it, the things that we consider trivial, such as letting the hair looks dry, can make us look older appearance than the original. Anything that can make us look away from the young and always beautiful?

'Eyeshadow shimmer'

Flickering shimmer in the eyeshadow was preferred. However, Polly Blitzer, editor-in-Chief, say, because the sparkling shimmer small shape, he could menelisip and into the curved-curved lines to clarify the eye and wrinkles. So, it is advisable for you who have started to move mature, select a matte powder eyeshadow alone. The color is bright, but has no effect it was beautiful.


Drinking alcohol can cause dehydration and dilation of blood vessels. It can cause skin to look tired and unhealthy. If that drinking alcohol can not be avoided, it is advisable to drink a glass of water for every glass of alcohol you drink. It's important to keep skin hydrated.

Too long and limp hair

One mistake is to let her hair cut while still in a state so long that they are too thick on the side of the face and make the top of the head of the saucer. This will cause more visible face down and sad. Suggested looking for pieces of angle to lift the cheekbone and the layer in order to give volume to hair.

Bronze color in the eye

Apply bronze too close to the eye area can create a blackish color in the eye area. This causes a dull appearance and makes women look older. If you want to use a bronzer, use in the outer portion of the face, like the sides of the face, to create the impression of a fresh face and glowing complexion.

No smoothing 'foundation' with a sponge

Do not think you can cover up wrinkles with piling foundation. Excessive make-up can actually make the appearance look the opposite. After applying foundation, create a more perfect display by pressing the face using a slightly damp sponge. Its function is to unify the foundation on the niche wrinkles.


Stress causes the body to release the hormone adrenaline to enhance the senses. For a while this can be healthful, but if you constantly deal with this problem, stress can be bad on your skin. When the body is in hold mode, vital organs like heart, lungs, and brain, to work harder. The skin, which is not too vital organs, a shortage of nutrients, which in turn affects his performance. Fight stress with relaxation techniques, such as yoga, meditation, and breathing deeply.

Very Dry Hair

Hair that is too much processed, such as coloring, over time will make the hair look like burnt, very dry, not natural, and aging because it is very unhealthy. Young hair is the hair shiny and 'live'. To avoid the hair looks dry, do not dye your hair too often more than once in four weeks. If your hair is colored, use a conditioner and a haircut regularly.

Dark Color Lipstick

If you have a vertical wrinkle recesses of the lips, dark lipstick will directly fill a niche in an instant. However, if you wear lipstick matching lip color, like pink or beige, fine niche that would not be too obvious. Cover with clear color gloss to draw attention to your lips and give the impression of fuller lips, they open, supple, and young.

Rarely change hair style

For the appearance you always look young and trendy, it is advisable to change the style of your haircut at least once a year. If not changed, your appearance will look boring and 'old'. The problem is, when your face shows the changes, and keep your hair like that, would be very easy to see changes to the face. Bob haircuts, shaggy, pixie, and long hair can be modeled in such a way as to make it look still attractive.

Exaggerated eyebrows plucked

Repeal Excessive eyebrows can cause the roots of each eyebrow hair is weakened and eventually not grow back. This will cause the eyelids look heavier. In order to look young, eyebrow should follow the shape of the eyes and not too thin.

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