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4 Body Care You MUST-do

Body care routine can nourish and beautify women. Consider the words of experts on massage and skin care habits and dental.

The preventive action is more a priority to balance the contemporary lifestyle. Various diseases into health threat with uncertain environmental conditions or irregular eating patterns. In addition to healthy diet and other prevention efforts to keep the body stay fit, there are a number of physical care that is also healthy.

From the search with a number of experts, there are four physical treatments that nourish and make women feel beautiful inside and out.

1. Massage

Who does not love a massage with aromatherapy that makes quiet, with a cozy atmosphere and make room to relax? Coupled with the accompaniment of soft music taste? Spa services increasingly springing up in downtown because the market is available. Many workers who want off fatigue after working with a massage.

Expert aesthetics Bratschi Lena said massage has great benefits for the body. 'Doing massage regularly not only to reduce body tension, but also can help the immune system works in the body that functions vital to the health of the body as a whole. Massage remove toxins and metabolic waste that is not useful from the body through the lymph nodes. Use of certain essential oils are also proven for thousands of years to detoxify the body and relaxes stiff muscles, 'clear Bratschi.

How many times should the body be massaged? According to Bratschi, massage is done only once in a while can provide positive benefits for the body. Moreover, if done regularly. 'For people who often feel the tension in the body due to pressure of work or daily activities you should do a massage once a week. Unfortunately many people who forget to take care of himself, when doing a massage once a month can make a fresh body and return to function well in daily activities. Massage treatments also allow time for yourself to relax. If done correctly, this treatment can improve physical and mental health, 'he explained.

Impact if not doing massage? Bratschi said the stress was killer. He said, many people who move to the tension in many parts of the body. These tensions affect many things such as blood circulation and even the temperament of a person, he added. This condition, if left unchecked, will affect the health of the body in the long term.

2. Visiting the dermatologist

Skin checked into one of the women's agenda that it should be noted for health care dirinya.Sejumlah diseases can be detected from outside of your skin condition. So subject to a dermatologist to check the health of skin beauty is not just talk only.

'Represents the outer skin conditions inside the body. Diseases such as heart disease and cancer in the stomach, can be analyzed from skin examination by a dermatologist, "says Dr. Craig Austin, a dermatologist in New York.

Dr Austin advised, when examined skin to dermatologist should ask for a screening body. Because it can so this process can detect a number of diseases such as melanoma (skin cancer is chronic) earlier.

How many times must check your skin health? At least once a year, the advice of Dr. Austin. Unless the condition is detected you have a history of melanoma or have a potential or high risk of skin cancer. For these two conditions, in the dermatological examination should be done 2-3 times a year. A number of factors that influence high risk of melanoma in whom you were white, had a history of sunburn, skin flammable, live in the tropics, and have a family history of skin cancer.

Impact if not regularly checked by a dermatologist? Dr Austin said, this guy's a risk of skin cancer deaths. There was too hard indeed, but nevertheless a fact. Once the cancer into the inner skin, she could spread to other parts of the body. 

3. Facial

Skin is the largest organ of the body possessed, therefore skin care can not be underestimated, said Bratschi. 'With a clean, moisturize, and maintain the correct way to avoid skin dehydration, could improve the health and skin condition, which in turn makes the body healthier overall,' he continued.

Facial become one of the treatments that nourish the body. But not just facials that berkonsetrasi on the face and neck. But also on the hands, arms, legs, shoulders, and the cranium that combines aromatherapy and lymphatic removal. Facial comprehensive as this helps the immune system work more optimally and remove toxins in the body.

How often should a facial? Bratschi suggested to do facial once a month to maintain healthy skin. But its frequency may be increased depending on the number of condition. As frequent travelers, living in densely populated areas, exposure to pollution, living in hot climates or cold, or have a job and a stressful personal life.

Impact if ignore facials? 'Your skin is the outer reflection of yourself,' certainly Bratschi. Many factors that damage skin health such as stress or pollution. These conditions need to be considered by way of skin care on a regular basis.

4. Dental Check

Are dental check the schedule to see your dentist on the agenda of your regular? Seeing your dentist regularly to help you maintain oral health. Not only whiten, but also should clean your teeth thoroughly, said Dr. Jeff Golub-Evans, cosmetic dentist.

'Everything started from the mouth. A healthy mouth affect overall physical condition. Strong teeth and gums that make nutrition more leverage and make more confident, 'he explained.

How many times have to check your teeth? 'Ideally, perform dental examinations every six months or at least once a year,' says Golub-Evans. But do the correct maintenance schedule check this. Ie, brushing and cleaning with dental floss. Golub-Evans suggested, you should clean the teeth with fiber or floss before brushing and rinse every night. When the morning, simply by brushing alone. To maintain oral health, you should consume more fruits and vegetables. Also avoid sweet foods, alcohol, and cigarettes. Acid can damage the teeth, clearly Golub-Evans.

Impact if lazy check your teeth? 'Increasing age affect oral health. With good treatment, the teeth and mouth can avoid the effects of this aging process, "Golub-Evans clear. Furthermore, bacteria in the mouth can spread through the bloodstream and cause various health problems.

'Health problems are mostly found in people who do not check your teeth regularly is an inflammation of the gums and oral cavity problems caused by bacteria. Habit no teeth checked regularly are also at risk in disorders of the bone and toothless, 'clearly Golub-Evans.

Source : TOTALBEAUTY/Kompas

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