Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hello Women, Let's Drink Coffee for Increasing the Ability of Our Brain

Caffeinated coffee was able to make women think faster. But in men, caffeine can actually make the brain to be more slow.

Now you know why the coffee break in the afternoon it needs to be done. Recent research from Bristol University shows that a cup of coffee can improve the ability of the female brain in a stressful situation.

The researchers tested 64 men and women to determine the effect of coffee on the body when you are in a state of stress, especially when consumed in large quantities during the meeting. The study found that caffeine was able to boost the performance of women. However, in men caffeine can actually weaken the memory and slow down decision-making process.

'At the meeting, especially when it comes to making decisions, men usually dominate. Because caffeine is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, its influence globally definitely surprising, "comments psychologist Dr Lindsay St Claire.

The participants were previously separated into two groups according to their gender, then given tasks. For example, create a negotiation, memory test, and play a puzzle. Half of each group was given a drink decaf coffee, while another group ate a regular coffee.

Well, from there the researchers found that men's performance in a memory test is very messy if they consume caffeinated coffee. They also require an average time of 20 seconds longer to complete the task, than men who drank decaffeinated coffee. On the other hand, the women completed the puzzle 100 seconds faster with the help of a cup of caffeinated coffee, according to reports the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

According to the British Coffee Association, the British people on average consume 70 million cups of coffee a day. Experts believe that coffee affects differently on the job performance of men and women, because the way we respond to stress. Various studies have previously said that coffee may also help protect us from Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, liver damage, and gout.

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