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The Sexual Life of Women Aged 30's

Some people say, women reached the top of his passion at the age of 30. But at that age there is also the biggest obstacles women to reach peak delicious.

On reaching the 30s, most women already have a mature level of self-understanding. Generally, in this age of women was already in a stable relationship. Having a husband can become its own kind of aphrodisiac for women, because it is in a secure and committed relationship can raise the passion of women. But the stress of keeping children and career problems could reduce arousal.

In the 30s, women are increasingly recognizing the body, and it is increasingly understood how to achieve orgasm, which can stimulate passion, because that came the notion that women reach the peak of her sexuality at the age of 30.

In early marriage, before there are children, in general, women are not a lot of complaints in her life, certainly Louann Brizendine, MD, a director of sexual health at the University of California, San Francisco, USA. Testosterone levels in women generally will be reduced at the age of 35 years does not actually mean much.

Reproductive age
For most women, the 30s, is the reproductive age. In the mid-trimester of pregnancy, when pregnant women are no longer troubled with nausea, vomiting, and stomach is not too large, most women will feel sex like a game, because of the high passion that is felt.
During pregnancy, progesterone and estrogen increased several times over, resulting in thickened lips of the vagina and more often terlubrikasi. Plus development of the fetus in the uterus that pressed the vagina can also increase arousal.

In the book For Women Only: A Revolutionary Guide to Overcoming Sexual Dysfunction and Reclaiming Your Sex Life, sex therapist Jennifer Berman, MD, said during a mid-trimester most women will feel in a state of half-aroused, especially when pregnant with boys, because boys encourage male hormone testosterone, the mother also.

After the presence of children
Many women after giving birth feel that sex no longer enjoyable. The decline of this passion can occur because of fatigue, but the hormones also could be the cause. Decrease in testosterone decreased by about half after the birth of a child, even though there was going to return quickly to normal. Common for the couple after having a child to relate only 1-2 times after more than 4 months of childbirth. The problem is, women are still ringing pain after giving birth and it affects about 70 percent of women until about 6 months after giving birth.

As for the mothers who breastfeed also can be felt not interested in sex. Breastfeeding raises hormone prolactin, which hold ovulation and estrogen production, as well as testosterone.
 A study observing breastfeeding women and found about 60 percent of women have testosterone (a key passion) is low after the birth of a second or third child. Although the reasons not yet clear, Jennifer Berman believes, this may occur due to decreased production of testosterone by the ovaries or the lack of enzymes that inhibit the production of testosterone.

Maximum Stress

Although the woman's hormone levels are in normal conditions though, the job as a parent can turn off the passion in an instant. Between the demands of work, small children, and care homes, women in their 30s are in a high enough pressure. Often, they feel angry at her husband who seemed not to share his demands. According to Peter Kanaris, Ph.D., psychologist and sex therapist in New York revealed that women reach peak sexual arousal in the 30s, but the stress experienced by women in this age is quite high, be aware of the stress, because stress is one The biggest passion killer. Need cooperation from her partner to help both achieve satisfaction.

source : health.discovery.com

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