Thursday, March 10, 2011

7 Simple Ways for Monitoring Your Personal Health

Slightest perceived problem of our body, the body will actually speak to us. However, we are sometimes less sensitive when the body complained of pain. To understand the body language of complaint, we must first be able to understand how to monitor the health without needing the help of a doctor.

This is what can we do to prevent and catch many problems early on in the body, making its handling easier.

1. Observe the pattern of consumption, exercise, relaxation, and fiber every morning. The trick? Make sure every day we eat vegetables and fruit, this is a way of monitoring consumption. Then for the monitoring exercise should we make sure is, every day keeps the body active. Even walking up and down stairs or even counted as an opportunity to move your body active.

For relaxation, we must ensure can provide exciting moments for yourself every day. No need to assemble a complex activity, if the pleasure of listening or powerful enough to sing discard tired, then do it! As for the monitor adequate fiber intake, make sure that every day we ate beans or whole grains.

2. Examine the adequacy of our sleep. There is an easy way to find out whether we have enjoyed the best sleep quality. First, we may need help waking up without an alarm. Second, during the afternoon we still excellent stamina without excessive sleepiness attacks. Third, after dinner we did not feel sleepy. But if all this we feel but still feel lethargic and lack of stamina, it's good to see her doctor sleep specialist.

3. How about the color of our urine? Believe me, the urine can be a clue there is a problem in the body. If your body healthy with enough fluids, then the color of urine should be clear. But if it is dark yellow and smelly, it means your body is dehydrated. And if the color is bright yellow, then we are deficient in vitamin B.

4. Calculate your heart rate every time after exercising. Journal of the American Medical Association announced, women weak heartbeat after exercise, risk of heart attack the next 10 years. How to calculate, before exercising count our heartbeat for 15 minutes. Then finished exercising, the number of previous heart rate multiplied by 4, then that's ideal heart rate. If your heart rate after exercise under 60, then we need to consult with your doctor to check the heart rhythm.

5. Fixed height measuring body, although we've aged 50 +. It's important to do by the woman to know whether there is change in posture and detect bone problems. Because usually, bone disorders seen from posture changed dramatically. If we find from the beginning of the bone problems can be overcome, including shy away from bone loss.

6. Every 6 months, check our blood pressure. When this started many pharmacies that provide blood pressure testing facilities. Take advantage of this to simply make sure that our blood pressure is fine. The definition of good is if the systolic pressure is not more than 120, and pressure diastolic not more than 80. If you find that the figure is above or below the reference, check the next day, if it does not show significant change that means we should see a doctor.

7. Do not forget to do breast self examination after each menstrual period. Realize is a simple step to detect early breast cancer hazard. At least 15 percent of cases of breast cancer is found at an early stage thanks to Realize. Especially for us who have experienced post-menopausal, complete with mammography

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