Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The J.Lo Styles : Uniques and Funky

Jennifer Lopez known to have a unique style. No wonder her fans looking forward on her appearance as a judge of American Idol 2011.

Jennifer Lopez known to have a unique style of dress when appearing in front of the camera. Not surprisingly, her fans looking forward, what kind of dresses to wear from the women's 41 years as a judge of American Idol Season 10. Moreover, the show was aired twice every week. So, the abundance chance to peek style dresses.

At her fans are curious, Jennifer said that she would not change her style. She is still going to mix and match various items to form her appearance.

'You'll see anything. I could be myself in this event. I will not try to lose, play, or do anything. I'll just be me, I always managed to show in public. Fans could see me, know that I'm real, 'she said in InStyle magazine.

Even so, women bleed Puerto Rico is also considered a solid activity was bound to translate into a more practical fashion choice. 'I do not want to think much about it. I am a woman who likes dressed, wearing jewelry and lipstick, and ready to work. So that's what you'll see, 'he said again.

These are some other unique styles of J-Lo, are you inspired?

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