Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Avoid Body Odor Naturally

Body odor, is a problem that almost always attack men and women, the fragrant scent is not just good for themselves, but also for those around us.

Sometimes, the problem of body odor can invade us, many factors that can cause body odor, such as excessive sweating, the weather that are too hot, a condition that occurs sometimes perfume or deodorant is not much help to reduce body odor. But do not worry, there are natural ways to reduce body odor, the following tips:

1. Eat more dark green vegetables
The most simple way to help reduce the body odor of the body is to consume dark green vegetables such as spinach, kale, because vegetables are rich in chlorophyll, which also has an effect as a natural deodorant for the body.

2. Wear a natural deodorant
Creating a natural deodorant is not difficult, ways you can do is to soak a cotton ball in alcohol and then flops in the armpit for a few minutes to reduce body odor caused by bacteria. In addition to using alcohol, you can also soak with tea tree oil, which can make your underarms stay dry, avoid bacteria and smell.

3. Wear antiperspirants on the appropriate time
The use of antiperspirants most in the most appropriate time is after a bath, because this will make the active ingredient can be absorbed into the more quickly. The trick is to dab in the armpit area on the current condition of the skin slightly damp and wet.

4. Avoid the "the smell of the sun"
Activity under the hot sun will make the body becomes more hot and sweaty. No wonder the end there is the term "the smell of the sun", which describes the aroma emanating from the body are depleted sunbathing.
To avoid this, the simple way is using an umbrella or a jacket with a natural fiber material when you move in the hot sun.

5. Use clothes with natural fibers
Selection of clothes when you are going to buy must be precise, choose clothes with cotton fabric make your skin can breathe and can absorb sweat as well as avoid body odor. Avoid clothing with synthetic materials, such as nylon or lycra, which can not absorb sweat, causing body odor.

This is the 5 natural ways to avoid body odor, let us try to apply in everyday life so that body odor does not interfere with our lives

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