Friday, July 29, 2011

Beauty Tips and Recipes From Ancestral Heritage

Ancestral heritage and would be so meaningful for a country's own wealth. A lot of ancestral heritage which still continues utilized until today, as well as beauty tips and recipes.

Currently, you may using the tips and beauty recipes from the heritage of the ancestors. There is nothing wrong we are peeking on  beauty tips and recipes from some of the ancestral heritage of other countries are very interesting and useful for beauty.

Here are our recommended tips and beauty recipes ancestral heritage from 5 Countries, may be useful for you.

1. Argentina
Country as the famous "Tango",
inherited yerba mate as the most popular beauty's material. Yerba mate is a kind of bush that originated from South America whose leaves are often processed into tea or other beverages. Use of yerba mate, not only in Argentina, in neighboring countries such as Uruguay and Paraguay, an infusion of yerba mate leaves are widely used to keep the skin moist and helps in the process of exfoliation. The content of polyphenols are widely available in the yerba mate role in maintaining healthy skin.

2. Thailand
Like the Asians, Thai people are also very close to nature and always use herbal wealth for beauty. One example is the use of tamarind oil in the bath to make skin softer and flushed, and help eliminate dark areas at the ankle, elbow, and armpits. In addition, they also use turmeric as a body scrub and coconut oil to help protect skin from dryness. Aloevera addition, palm oil is also often used to maintain the condition of the hair to keep it healthy and shiny.

3. Russia
Russia, one of the former Soviet republics proved to have a recipe that might just beauty we know as a fruit, what is the secret of beautiful women from this country? Is none other than strawberries. Apparently, they often use this fruit as a scrub for the skin. In addition, a traditional Russian sauna also often use a mask with honey material that is applied to areas of the body and face. Later, the Russian women will enjoy a cup of tea from the leaves of Tilia (a kind of citrus).

4. Taiwan
The Chinese, including Taiwan, have so many secrets of ancient beauty. One of them is now beginning to be developed with modern technology is rice wine. Rice wine is often used as a mask that is useful to make the skin becomes smoother and wrinkles is reduced. This tradition is also growing in Japan and is now popular as one of the ingredients of beauty products in Japan.

5. Romania
Many Romanian citizens defend the tradition of the beauty of his ancestors. One is the use of corn flour (cornmeal) for exfoliation and peeling of the skin, while a massage in a circular motion. There are several variations of recipes that can be used. The easiest recipe is to mix the cornmeal with a little water until it becomes like a paste. However, there is also mixing it with white or egg yolk, honey, olive oil, until the lemon juice.

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