Friday, July 29, 2011

Sex Apparently have benefits for your health

Sexual relationship with your spouse is one of the biological needs of humans throughout the world. Having sex which done regularly can lead to happiness between couples, warmth in the household. Having sex is not only important for maintaining healthy relationships, but also a fun way to stay healthy.

Apparently, besides providing happiness, sex can providing health benefits for you. The following is Sex benefits for the health:

Burn calories in our body
Calories burned per half hour having sex as much as 90 calories, so sex can be categorized into the sport.

Reduce stress
Having sex with your spouse which is fun and done regularly has been shown to lower blood pressure and makes we are able to face problems that contribute to stress. Sex with your spouse also makes communication more smoothly so you can both express your feelings.

Please be aware, stress which long lasting (chronic) negative impact on health. In addition to reducing the immune response, stress will also increase blood pressure and make us susceptible to anxiety and depression.

Help you sleep well
Superb sexual intercourse in bed with your partner to make the body will become more relaxed so sleep better at night. This has to do with increased hormone oxytocin and endorphins after orgasm.

Provide Wellness to The heart
Sex already mentioned, including physical activity can burn calories. Even men who are elderly do not have to worry about having a heart attack or stroke as long as sexual intercourse is done slowly. Making love regularly (2-3 times a week) mentioned can reduce the risk of heart attack in elderly men.

Preventing prostate cancer
Some research indicates that men who frequent ejaculation (about five times a week) are more rarely affected by prostate cancer. Own ejaculation process, involving the prostate, is actually the product from the body that can cause cancer.

Reducing the pain in the body
Suffering from chronic pain can reduce the quality of life and make the body more vulnerable to stress, insomnia and even depression. Research has shown that the hormone oxytocin and endorphins which released during sex can relieve pain by lowering the perception of pain signals from the troubled areas of the body. Events and regular hot lovemaking that can be done to avoid the use of painkillers.

Strengthening the relationship with your partner
The hormone oxytocin is important is often called the "love hormone". This hormone is necessary to strengthen the bond of love with your partner. Joke, a hug and a kiss on the bed will cause an increase in certain hormones, including when you and your partner perform intimate conversation after sex.

Increasing your confident
Having confidence is not only important to you, but also people around. How can you look yourself in the world will determine how you interact with others either in social or work relationships.

Having sex in a way that you want will help we are be happier. Together with someone which loves and accepts you as is certainly going to increase confidence.

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nice info....

Radira said...

;)) Sex is a sport?

Bubuhan kakawalan said...

Very nice, something that is very good and can not be denied that it was true

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Very nice

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nice info gan .... hehehe apalagi buat ane nih yg bentar lagi married

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Yes..Sex can help relieve stress :X

PAP SMEAR said...

Sex Bebas dapat mengakibatkan tumbuhnya sel kangker pada servik. Pada tahun 1940 Dr. George N Papanicolaou seorang Patologis berkebangsaan Amerika, mengembangkan sebuah teknik penapisan (Pap Smear) untuk mengetahui keberadaan sel kanker yang terdapat pada servik. Sebagai hasil dari penemuan teknik penapisan tersebut angka kematian yang diakibatkan oleh kanker Serviks telah menurun secara signifikan dalam 40 tahun terakhir.

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