Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kate Middleton: Elegant, Modern and Stylist

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, according to fashion experts, she has a fashion is elegant, modern and stylist. Kate really like elegant dress and often wearing accessories hats to accompany the prince.

Kate, was born Reading, Berkshire, England on January 9, 1982, does have talent in fashion. Supported by beauty and posture, Kate Middleton received many awards in the field of fashion. Here is a list of awards earned Kate Middleton:
'Most Promising Newcomers' from The Daily Telegraph in 2006
Position 8 on the list of 'Top Ten Icons in 2007
One in ten 'Richard Blackwell's Fabulous Fashion Independent' in 2007
The best costume version of People magazine in 2007
Beauty icon June at in 2008
International best costume in Vanity Fair in 2008
The best costume version of People magazine in 2010
'Top Fashion Buzzword of the 2011' in 2011

Many achievements and remarkable talent is undeniable that she became one of the latest fashion icon for many dress styles emulated by women around the world. Well, for more details peep the style of Kate Middleton



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Flashing Roller said...

alow bos salam kenal !!

untuk tahun 2011 ini KM memang jadi buah bibir, tapi sayang Adiknya Km koq malah jadi buah bibir yg nggak mengenakan ??


sidedy said...

bautifull :D

wongcrewchild said...

beatfl lady.. =((

Makeityourring diamond engagement rings said...

Ohh..Kate, she's so sexy...but Pippa Middleton look more sexy..hohoho

wills fashion said...

Kate memang cantik sekali karena fashion yang ia kenakan selalu sesuai...salam dari wills

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