Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Attracting Google Search Result

Google Search as the number one search engine in the internet world is always providing new innovations for its users.

The results of recent work is an advanced Google search that displays the search result content, or popular articles from the web that we seek. For example, when you type the wanitaindonesia-ifs, google will provide auto-detect and auto-suggestion to wanitaindonesia, and after you hit the enter button, will appear as a search result on the display image.

The new look of the search result will certainly make it easier for readers and Internet users to know and see the interesting content of a blog and website.

Please try it through your computer, make sure the type wanitaindonesia-ifs in google search, your will get different interesting article about the health and beauty

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tipshare said...

caranya biar spt itu digoogle bagaimana?

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