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How to Whitening Your Face In Naturally

Wanita Indonesia-IFS - Shining white skin is the desire of every woman, with whites, women would be suitable to wear with a variety of color variations. Moreover, the white skin can make someone else supposedly forget about your other shortcomings.

The dark-skinned woman, actually also able to get the skin a brighter, cleaner, and healthier, although not necessarily be white. As for the women who are white or tan, but no time to take care of the face due to her busy, there is an easy and natural way to brighten your skin. Here are some natural ways to get white skin naturally:

You must have heard about the benefits of milk baths, but if the milk bath is too busy and too expensive, you just use the milk to wash my face. Milk has a lot of material that can reduce dark spots on the face, and improve skin tone in a perfect manner.
Pour a few drops of milk on the face wash cloth, then use the cloth to scrub the face gently. Milk will remove dead skin cells that cover the face, and provide a new color.

Lemon and the egg whites
Egg whites are often referred able to tighten the facial skin. Ways that can be done to improve skin tone, mix squeezed lime with egg white.
Use this material as a face mask. Apply lime and the egg whites mask to the face, then let it dry itself. After 50-10 minutes, wash your face with cold water. You can see and get the results after doing this routine at least a week.

Avocado oil
Generally, many women who are lazy to clean your face before bed, because it was already so tired. Avocado oil can help you not have time to wash your face before bed. Avocado oil is effectively helps eliminate the remnants of makeup. After removing traces of makeup, use paper towels to absorb excess oil left on the face.

Chamomile Flowers
Chamomile is commonly used as tea. But this flowers could serve as a natural ingredient for skin brightening facial. Chamomile also has a lot of content to solve a swollen eye. You only need to dip the tea bag in hot water, and let it cool. Then, attach the tea bag on the eye. Do this for two weeks to see results.

Red clover tea
Detoxification is important to remove toxins from the body. Drinking a cup of red tea each day will help clean up dangerous substances that persist in the body. Tea will also enhance the color red in the face.
Also try the old way which introduced our mother, the silence of tea overnight, and then use to wash your face in the morning.

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