Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Why Women are Difficult to Forget about Ex-Lovers?

For women, the shadow of ex lovers often comes to mind, although the relationship has long ended alias broken. Often thought of ex lovers, not necessarily a sign you still have feelings of love for him. There are reasons other than the factors 'love'.

What are the reasons that make a woman hard to forget her ex? Compiled from Sheknows, these four possible reasons and background why women still thinking about her Ex-Lovers:

Can not accept the breakdown in relations
The main reason women still think of ex lovers is the woman can not accept the fact about the breakup with former lovers. You assume he is not have the right break up before getting approval from you. If you're used to getting everything you want and are accustomed to control, then to hear that you decided, would be very painful. So start learning for the reduce selfishness, and learn not to always respect your needs and desires above all things.

Still Need Explanation
Sometimes women are not satisfied with the explanation of the former when their relationship ended. The problem is annoying that makes many women still think of her former lover. More and find out what causes it, the more you are obsessed with the former.

There are still Anger
Do not understand and accept the decision ex or still angry with his attitude, it affects you more difficult to forget him. The anger and resentment instead of making you move away, quite the contrary. This happens because you still have not received for his actions. For that, learn to forgive and forget.

Hit the Women Egos
When you know that the he wanted to broken from you, may be able to hit your ego. Although the reason is obvious, nonetheless it is sometimes hard to accept. You are still covered by a strong ego. If it should end, it was not a mistake and you should not feel inferior.

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