Thursday, August 25, 2011

Recognize and be Aware of 15 Signs of Cancer

Cancer is a disease that sometimes occurs at any time and can affect anyone without showing any symptoms or signs, so that cancer is a scourge to anyone.

Among the many types of cancer, there are no symptoms early in its development. The signs usually only appear after the cancer is growing rapidly. In fact, with alert and find the cancer early symptoms, course of treatment will be relatively easier.

Prevention is better than treatment, when it's too late, then the cancer can spread to various organs and complicate the healing process. Therefore, it helps us recognize some of the following symptoms of cancer. Symptoms of cancer are extremely diverse and can vary in every state and every patient. At least 15 cancer symptoms you need to be aware of:

1. The changes in the breast
In women especially, the breast is one of the most private organ. It is important to check the condition of the breast regularly. Lumps, thickening, and discoloration of the skin becomes red warrant concern as an indication of cancer. Itching, peeling skin, or rash on the breast for weeks also should be aware. Another change in the breast skin, such as swelling, skin drawn into, or contracted, should also be suspected as a symptom.
For men, precautions must be applied because breast cancer can strike even though this is rare. Any lumps in the breast should have to watch out for, especially if the discharge from the nipple.

2. Suddenly drastically weight loss
Weight loss is suddenly (more than 10 percent of body weight) and beyond expectations without its own efforts in a short time should be aware. Usually drastic weight reduction is associated with colon cancer or cancer of other digestive organs.

3. Disorders of the digestive
Indigestion are constantly and repeatedly can be an indication of cancer of the esophagus, throat, or stomach. Especially in women, an unusual sense of bloating accompanied by abdominal bloating that often feel full and can not eat should be wary of as symptoms of ovarian cancer.

4. Problems during urination
Problems during urination with increasing age of a man, becomes more and more often experienced. Could occur lampias feeling when urinating, inability to hold urine, even the frequency of urination is more frequent. Beware if the situation is not improving and getting worse because it could be a sign of cancer, although an enlarged prostate in old age could also be the cause.

5. Bleeding in places that should not be
Whenever you see any blood from the body that should not have, such as coughing or vomiting blood, bleeding in the feces and urine, it's time to see a doctor and find out the cause as soon as possible because it could cause cancer.

6. The changes in the mouth
If you smoke or chew tobacco, be warned if there are white patches inside the mouth, or white point does not disappear on the tongue, because this is a sign of leukoplakia (an area where cancer was before it appears), which may be oral cancer if continuous irritation.

7. Coughing never healed
Cough is always associated with the flu and allergies. However, persistent cough in a long period, about three or four weeks, must be considered because it could be a symptom of cancer or a sign of other problems, such as chronic lung inflammation.

8. The changes in skin
You should pay attention not only changes in moles, but skin pigmentation. Bleeding in the skin or skin peeling off great in a few weeks and can not be lost is one sign of skin cancer.

9. Difficult to swallow
Never underestimate this condition. Difficulty swallowing food or always felt something stuck in the esophagus may indicate cancer of the digestive tract, such as esophageal cancer.

10. Excessively fatigue
Like a fever, excessive fatigue that does not improve with rest can also be one of the symptoms of cancer. Usually this condition arises after the cancer develops, although it can occur also in the early phase as in leukemia or colon cancer.

11. Fever
In addition to marking a variety of diseases such as pneumonia, throat, and infections, fever can also indicate cancer. The results of The American Cancer Society, said the fever is one symptom that occurs in early-stage blood cancer, especially leukemia or lymphoma. Many times, fever occurs when the cancer has spread to other organs.

12. Abdominal pain disorders and depression
Every man who suffered depression accompanied by abdominal pain disorders need to be examined further because the experts found no relationship between depression and pancreatic cancer.

13. The unusual pain
As age increases, the more often you feel the aches and pains. The pain is constant and the unusual can be a sign of cancer. Moreover, pain is not caused injury or illness has ever felt before.

14. Changes in the testis
Testicular cancer / testicles often appear in men aged 20-39 years. Any changes to the size of the testis, either enlarged or reduced, should still watch out. Similarly, if there is swelling or feeling of heaviness in the scrotum. Sometimes testicular cancer can develop very quickly so it would be better if you know them as early as possible.

15. The changes in lymph nodes
If you notice any lumps or swelling, either in the armpit or neck or anywhere, so beware! Moreover, if the lump was growing from day to day and long lasting even up to more than a month.

Hopefully this instructions can make you more alert in recognizing the symptoms of cancer before it's too late. Give a little of your time to observe and love yourself.

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