Sunday, August 28, 2011

Women are more Difficult to Sleep Because of Financial Problems

A survey made ​​by the site in 1000 men and women workers in the United States with aim to figure out what causes a person can not sleep. The survey states that 30% of women have trouble sleeping because of worrying about financial problems.  While 35% of men admitted they were not experiencing the problem.

A total of 18% of female respondents said that other causes that make a woman could not sleep at night is stressful and the job list

Difficult to sleep disease in women, according to Linda Descano from Women & Co., caused by an increasingly busy in lifestyle, financial problems, both issues seem to be a problem most in need of attention.

From the survey, 73% of women admitted frustration with the problems of lack of organization at work. When everything was organized, women feel more relaxed. 50% of women admit it. While 40% of women claimed to be happier.


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