Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Reasons Why You Should Resign from Your Job

Resigning from a job would need to consider various factors, namely positive and negative aspects when you decide to resign from the company.

Usually the main factor that makes us want to resign from our current work is the presence of a greater opportunity. Just as I was when I resigned from my place of work to be a blogger.

But, when you facing difficult situations below, you should immediately decided to resign:

1. Your company went bankrupt or affected the case
You've long heard rumors about the declining condition of the company, or you have access to know the financial condition worrying. Although there is a chance the company was taken over by another company, you certainly will require adjustments not for a moment. Whatever the source of your worries, if you feel you will not be able to live it, it's good to see you soon consider opportunities elsewhere.

2. You really stressed at this company
The workload is so great, you are required to do the tasks that you can not do, even though bosses do not want to know your difficulties. What else makes you survive in this company? Just listen to the signals from your body is tired, and your brain is like going to explode thinking about it all.

"This does not necessarily mean the company has done something wrong," said Schneiderman. "Often it happens because people try to do the job that is not suitable for them." Therefore when you apply for another job, consider what makes you so stressed out at the old place.

3. Deteriorating relationships with colleagues
Office is one place to find a partner. But, the problem you experienced with your partner can cause other problems in the office. So if you create a personal issue abandoned the job, you need to find a way to do it elsewhere.

4. Related to the issue of ethics or morals
"Violations of ethics can be a good reason for leaving a job, especially when the actions of a very large, and you are surrounded by the corporate culture in which nothing can be done to change the situation from within," said Kimberly Schneiderman, founder of City Career Services.

When you are considering to resign, you should prepare yourself to find a new job or even entrepreneurial. When the decision to resign is final, you should have received in the new company, or your business is ready to compete. Make the time to think using common sense, without any emotion.

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yoghi said...

blogwalking gan

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hahaa,. this joke for steve jobs or Apple ,.??

Dj. Surendeng said...

I was quit from my job to go back to my hometow. and I spend my spare time.. do blogging... :) blogging realy fun...

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