Friday, July 01, 2011

Man United Trophy Tour: Jakarta Gallery

29-30 June 2011 is a pride for the people of Indonesia. EPL Trophy "King of England" Man United came along one of his players Rio Ferdinand in Indonesia.

The title "King of England" in the field of football for Man United is a very appropriate title, because in the history of the EPL, Man United has beyond the record champions.
Man United is the first team who won the Premier League Trophy for 19 times.

 Event titled Asia Trophy Tour is one of appreciation for Man United to its fans in Asia. This tour is scheduled to be implemented in Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The presence of this trophy and Rio Ferdinand get applause from all over Man United's loyal supporters who are members of United Indonesia. This happiness deeply felt for supporters of Indonesia, Man United finally come to Indonesia, having previously been canceled. Although not come a full team, the presence of Rio Ferdinand with Premier League Trophy able to treat the pain of Man United's supporters in Indonesia.

Here are some photos taken from, Man United's official website.

Thanks Rio, Thanks Man United, we will always be a loyal supporters. Glory Glory Man United.

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MU....mantaff gan...tapi ane sihh fans nya barca...hehehee?

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wah ane kurang suka ma si merah gan

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kis 4 u.kiss back.

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nice info

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setan merah :D

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